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Friday, 29 August 2014

Supporting children, young people and families what do we call the process?

Joint the debate!

Most of us have been there.  Sometimes things in life just goes wrong and it's just a bit harder to keep all the balls in the air at the same time.  Sometimes it's small, and sometimes it's big.  Sometimes it's just what happens:  a grandparent is in hospital, someone loses their job, starting a new school, having a baby, moving house.  Mostly we can cope but sometimes we can't .....

There IS help and support out there for parents, children and young people to deal with life when it's on the way down.  But what do you call a whole process of talking with and supporting families and between a wide ranges of services?  There is a process to help families with a wide range of organisations in the County Council, Health and Voluntary Sector working together.  This process is made up of 3 parts:

step 1:
What's happening? what are the problems? who may be able to help?

step 2:
Looking to see what services and organisations could maybe help and bringing them together with families.

step 3:
Finding someone who can work with the family and sort out things with services to help the family.

Here's my suggestions for naming this process:

Step 1:

Child And Family Action Plan.

Child And Family as the child/ren are paramount, therefore, comes first.

Action Plan. The process should be around ACTION, making things happen. Action planning processes means incorporates looking at where we are at, where we want to be and the steps to get there.

Step 2:

Child and Family Action Team

Again, Child comes first. The focus has to be on the Child & Family NOT on the services providing the solutions.

Provides a clear link and follow through from the Action Plan through to the Action Team. They are part of the whole.

Action - something IS going to happen and it's not just talking (that happens in a forum or panel).

Team - a team approach, working WITH the family not doing to.

Step 3:

Child and Family (Action?) Agent.

AGENT is the word for someone working for and on behalf of the family, talking with a range of services that will make a difference.

What do you think? Any further suggestions?

If you have any concerns about someone being harmed or abused report it.

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