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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Re-Naming of Joint Assessment Family Framework (JAFF)

What are your suggestions?  Join the debate via Facebook page:

We have made some suggestions with a rationale:

Child & Family Action Plan
Child & Family Action Team
Child & Family Agent

Feed in your comments here or on Facebook or email in PAVO, as well as feeding into the survey.

CYPP are currently carrying out a review of the Joint Assessment Family Framework title and branding to help recognise the elements of the service more clearly, and to develop and even stronger branding.

We have set up an online survey that can be accessed by following the link at the bottom of this page, and the detail below is what you will find on the survey. It will take you a short amount of time to complete, just a few minutes, but your views and contribution in filling out the survey will help immensely.

We support families in early interventions. We create a virtual “team to work with families and their children, meeting with them regularly until there is no longer a need to do so. Our recent review recommended a name change and we have recently been  given agreement by Welsh Government to change our title from Joint Assessment Family Framework ( JAFF) to Team Around the Family (TAF). 

The first stage in the TAF process is to assess the needs, both of the child and the family.  We have introduced a two-stage assessment to do this. Firstly the Child and the Family issues
It is important that we do not forget to listen to the voice of the child.
Which of the 3 titles here, do you think would best describe this assessment?
  1. Joint Assessment Family Framework.
  2. Team Around the Family Assessment.
  3. Child and Family Assessment.
Any other suggestions?
The second stage of offering help is to have a brief discussion at a monthly pre-arranged meeting with a range of managers of local services.  Each of these services may have something to offer the child, young person and their family.  This panel nominates the agencies which will make up the Team around the Family, if the family members accept them. Until now these meetings have been called, “Local Resource Solution Panels”.
Which of these titles do you think would be most meaningful to families and workers alike?
  1. Team Around the Family Panel (TAF Panel)
  1. Team Around the Family Forum ( TAF Forum)
  2. Local resource Solution Panel (LRSP)
Any other suggestions?
Lead Practitioner
Key to the TAF model working well is the role of a nominated lead person who;
·         Acts as the main point of communication with the family
·         Chairs each TAF meeting
·         Ensures the family is fully included
·         Ensures that the child’s needs are held at the centre of each discussion.
We would welcome suggestions about the title given to this key person.  Do any of the 3 suggested titles below seem to describe the role or do you have any different suggestions to add?
  1. Lead Practitioner
  2. Key Worker
  3. Family Contact
Any other suggestions?

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