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Useful Links

Here you will find useful links to websites to help to keep your organisation informed on current developments.  All organisations need to be able to work effectively together in order to achieve the best outcomes for children and their families.  The websites listed here are arranged under the key headings where all organisations should have developed policies and procedures which will allow all agencies and organisations work more closely together.  The main themes are:

  • key documents 
  • safeguarding
  • information sharing
  • participation
  • working with other agencies
  • workforce development
  • play
Key Documents

Children & Young People's Partnership Strategic Plan

Use the link below to find out the details for the Powys Children & Young People's Partnership.

You will find out how you can align your organisations' policies and practices with other organisations working with children & young people in Powys.

Powys Children & Young People's Partnership Strategic Plan 2011-2014

Public Health Wales Childhood Measurement Programme Report 2012/13

This report contains the findings from the measurements of children in reception year aged four to five during the academic year 2012/2013. 
Of the 34,679 eligible children, 29,238 (84.3 per cent) participated in the programme. Prevalence is described by key categories, including underweight, healthy weight, overweight but not obese, and obese. These categories are based on body mass index thresholds, taking account of age and gender.

Measuring National Well-being: Children's Well-being 2014
This article proposes a draft set of measures of national well-being for children aged 0 to 15. The measures are the latest output from the ONS Measuring National Well-being (MNW) programme and are released alongside a draft set of measures of national well-being for young people aged 16 to 24. The aim of these measures is to provide information on key sub-groups of the population. 

Why measure Children’s Well-being?
Children’s well-being is an important aspect of the well-being of the nation. In 2012 there were 12 million children, representing nearly a fifth of the total UK population3. Research from the Children’s Society has shown that a significant minority of children in the UK suffer from low well-being and this impacts on their childhood and life chances as well as for the families and communities around them (Children’s Society, 2013).

Click here to download a PDF copy of the report

reviewed Oct 2015
WCVA third sector safeguarding service and criminal records unit

The third sector because of its involvement with children, young people and adults, who may be at risk becuase of the services they receive, will always need to include safeguarding and safer recruitment in their governance and operational arrangements. Our service is here to support all third sector organisations in Wales in their safeguarding responsibilities and to provide free access to criminal record (DBS) checks.

To find out more, including accessing DBS Checks and the costs for paid staff Click HERE

Powys County Council
Our Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps employers in Wales make safer recruitment decisions. A number of jobs, especially those involving work with children or vulnerable adults, need a DBS check. We aim to protect children and vulnerable adults by helping organisations recruit the right people into positions of trust.

To find out more, including accessing DBS Checks and the costs Click HERE


The NSPCC's vision is to end cruelty to children in the UK. We campaign to change the law, provide ChildLine and the NSPCC Helpline, offer advice for adults, and much more.      

Provides comprehensive safeguarding information, advice, good practice and support for 3rd sector organisations.  Whilst it is based in England and often refers to policies developed in England many of the resources are relevant and applicable to any organisation working with children and young people.

You will find a range of resources, training, toolkits and self-assessment tools.

Everyone's Business: Safeguarding for Trustees
Below you will find a link to Children England's guide on safeguarding and the responsibilities and roles for trustees.  The guide includes "Quick Checklists" to help decide if your organisation has the right policies and procedures in place.

To download a copy of the Guide Click Here

All Wales Child Protection Procedures

Everyone working with children and young people in Wales should be familiar with the All Wales Child Protection Procredures.  You can access child protection training in Powys which will cover the procedures.

To download a copy of the Procedures Click Here

UK Government’s Disclosure and Barring Service
The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. It replaces the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). DBS is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Home Office.

To visit the Government’s Disclosure and Barring Service website Click HERE

Information Sharing
Powys Children & Young People's Partnership
Download a copy of the Powys CYPP's Personal Information Sharing Protocol for your organisation to sign up to.  Your organisation and other agencies/organisations will then be confident that you are sharing personal information safely and correctly.

Wales Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information
The Wales Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information (WASPI) provides a framework for service-providing organisations directly concerned with the health, education, safety, crime prevention and social well being of people in Wales. In particular, it concerns those organisations that hold information about individuals and who may consider it appropriate or necessary to share that information with others in a lawful and intelligent way.

Information Commissioner's Office
All public and private organisations are legally obliged to protect any personal information they hold, and may be required to notify with the ICO. Public authorities are also obliged to provide public access to official information. The ICO is here to help you understand these obligations and keep you updated as and when they change.

Make sure you are listening to and responding to the voices of children and young people within your organisation.  Make use of the Powys CYPP Action Plan to help develop a culture and environment where children can have a voice. 

Children & Young People's Participation Action Plan

Participation Cymru
To build the skills and capacity of managers and deliverers of public services (public, third and private sectors) to achieve better public engagement in the design, development and delivery of citizen-centred services for the people of Wales.

Working with Other Agencies
Powys Children & Young People's Partnership
Powys Children & Young People's Partnership (CYPP) is a number of varied agencies that have the collective responsibility for the longer term planning, development and commissioning of services to meet the needs of children and young people, across the whole county.

Its role is to secure and enable effective interagency co-operation to improve outcomes for children and young people. The partnership brings together a wide range of interests including public, private, voluntary and community sectors. 
We want all children and young people living in Powys to reach their full potential by having access to the services they need and that those services value and respect them (and their parents and their carers) and promote their health, wellbeing, learning and development.

Local Resource Solution Panels
Local Resource Solution Panels (LRSP) operate across the six areas in Powys and are an essential part of co-ordinating and joining up services. The core function of the panel is to achieve good outcomes for children in the community. There will be a strong 'prevention and early intervention' focus.

The objective of the panels is to help achieve better outcomes for children and young people in Powys. They provide professionals working with families – especially those in the universal health, education and community services - with better access to expertise and targeted family support resources.

The following link takes you directly to the page about LRSP

Workforce Development including training
Powys County Council
Powys’ Social Care Workforce Development Partnership supports the training and development needs of social care workers. Our key aim is to increase the proportion of staff across the whole social care sector with the qualifications, skills and knowledge they need for the work they do.


Powys Social Care Workforce Development Partnership (SCWDP) provides training and development opportunities for people working within the social care sector. Details of training and development opportunities funded by SCWDP can be found in the latest edition of the  Integrated Training Brochure.  

To book a training place contact the Workforce Development Team direct. 

Children in Wales
All training courses are multi-disciplinary and aim to promote an integrated approach for all those working in the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors. Course material draws on the resources of their own specialist staff team, and a national network of expert individuals and organisations, to deliver high quality training events at a variety of venues across Wales.


Find out the latest developments, conferences, events, training, research about children/young people and play at:

Play Wales:
Play Wales is an independent charity funded by the Welsh Government - our area of charitable remit is Wales.
We work to raise awareness of children and young people's need and right to play and to promote good practice at every level of decision making and in every place where children might play.

We provide advice and guidance to support all those who have an interest in, or responsibility for providing for children's play so that one day Wales will be a place where we recognise and provide well for every child's play needs.

Tim Gill:
Tim Gill is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on childhood, and an effective advocate for positive change in children’s everyday lives. For over 15 years his writing, research, consultancy projects and other work has focused on the changing nature of childhood, children’s play and free time, and their evolving relationships with the people and places around them.

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